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summerholiday in the region Lungau

summerholiday in St. Michael in the region Lungau and neighborhood

Whether it's cycling, hiking, Nordic walking or just a relaxing walk in the beautiful mountains of the region Lungau followed by a cup of coffee in our garden - we offer you a perfectly coordinated holiday.

On the following pages we will show you that a typical skiing resort can be more than attractive in summer aswell!

So what more do you want? Come and see us as soon as you possibly can to enjoy our breath-taking surroundings in a relaxing and stunning atmosphere at the hotel Schlickwirt.

Discover the absolutely stunning Schlickwirt hiking summer

Here in our beautiful region - the so called Lungau - nature surprises us with a hiking area difficult to surpass. Embedded between the "Niedere Tauern" and the so called "Nockmountains" at an altitude of 1100m it truly becomes a must visit for any passionate hiker.

The tangy mountain air, the diversity of alpine pastures which spoil us with a multitude of colourful plants and herbs, as well as the natural beauty, provide joy, indulgence and pure relaxation.

You will find around 60 mountain lakes - embedded as glistening jewels, surrounded by alpine shielings, in varying degrees of crystalclear to emerald shades of pure beauty - spread across the silent rock giants and lush meadows in our beautiful region.

Hotel Schlickwirt is the perfect spot to start guided hiking tours in this magnificent and simply breathtaking spot of nature!

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