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We are proud of our awards!

The Landhotel Schlickwirt is a Climate Alliance Company

Operation of the Climate Alliance is a tailor-made program for companies that save energy, reduce costs thus making a contribution to climate protection. With the advice and the award for the "Climate Alliance mode" the establishments are obliged to perform certain actions within a specified period, which in addition to direct emissions reduction in the energy and transport sectors and activities in the areas of procurement also have to look after product design, environmental management, and employee motivation.

The individual climate protection goal of any partner is tailored to its framework and possibilities.

After a two and five year window to be rewarded the climate protection award the set goal will be reviewed by an independent party.
This procedure ensures that not only individual technical measures are carried out, but the idea of ​​preventive
environmental protection is integrated.


Among all forms of land management, organic farming is the most environmentally friendly.
But organic is more than just working without the use of synthetic chemicals. A holistic approach and closed cycle operation
integrating a diverse structure are the basics and the conditions for successful organic farming.

The natural soil and water resources are conserved and thereby passed on to future generations.

Biological and regional agriculture

  • produces food of the highest quality - delicious and natural
  • provides a friendly use of landscape, raw materials and energy
  • relieves the tense environment situation
  • positive effect on nature, the environment and society

The Green Dome natural kitchen philosophy

Culinary Olympus with wholesome vegetarian-sustainability claim
The Green Dome has been awarded since 1990, by Styria vitalis, if dining establishments offer their guests a wide range of natural Austrian cuisine. Green Dome winning restaurants and hotels set the standards - environmentally, socially and ethically. As a guest you will be tempted to fully satisfying creative-vegetarian delicacies. With or without meat - both are equally presented, both of which have its proper place. Extract flour, finished products and fried food do not exist in the Green Dome menu. The "Bio" symbol is clearly visible. The Green Dome is holistic and indivisible.

Criteria for the "Green Dome" award

Range of natural cuisine dishes

  • Certified organic quality of processed foods and their declaration
  • dvice on special dietary needs (eg, lactose-and gluten-free)
  • Training and education of employees in line with the Green Dome philosophy

Pleasure all along - the guest has the choice!

  • wholesome, vegetarian
  • organic, regional
  • seasonal, social

The criteria for the awards include all environmental aspects of a tourism operation, a trip or an event hosted by the waste management institute, energy saving up to healthy eating and environmentally friendly arrival. Whether luxury or conference hotels, private rooms or apartments, the Austrian Eco-label distinguishes the accommodation by their top quality and environmentally friendly policies. Organic food from local suppliers are just as important as the responsible use of water and energy.
Ideal conditions for a relaxing stay for guests and the environment!

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