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We only use organic at our country lodge

The Schlickwirt cuisine is renown far afield and beyond the borders. We are passionate about cooking and have always taken pride in looking after a healthy as well as balanced nutrition – therefore we have set our hearts on pure organic food. Check our profound reasons for our organic cuisine:

1. Organic equals environmental protection

If land is farmed organically it automatically protects our ground water and the climate, on top of nursing flora and fauna. Organic fertilizers such as compost and dung alleviate stress to the soil, create humus-rich land and guarantee longterm fertility on meadows and fields. Pesticides, nitrogen fertilizers and chemically induced solutions are prohibited in organic farming.

2. Organic equals quality

Organic food contains a whole lot more natural ingredients. The direct impact of organic food on the human body and our health is shown in new scientific measuring technologies.

3. Organic equals gusto

The best flavour is guaranteed when buying and eating organic. Even celebrity chefs have declared their stand on organic food. They spoil their guests with the fantastic flavour of fresh organic groceries.

4. Organic equals animal welfare

The natural habitat of animals is kept in organic farming, which means: A whealth of space, green and lush pastures, free range, only natural hay and biological feed (no silage) – normally planted directly on the farm where the animals live.

5. Organic means GM free

Certain risks and the ecological impact arising from the application of GM in farming are still unclear. Therefore organic farming is kept strictly GM free. No matter whether it is micro organisms, seeds, fodder or anything else.

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