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Appartement Enzian

Apartment in Landhotel, furnished in a friendly and traditional manner, bedroom and living room separately, shower and WC, hairdryer, balcony, cable-TV, telephone, Safe, fridge, 2 – 4 persons, ca. 40 m²

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Appartement Sonnenblume

Fondly generous apartment, appropriate for families, large bedroom and living/bedroom separately, shower and WC also separate, hairdryer, small kitchenette with fridge and dinette,
own part of a balcony, cable-TV, telephone und safe. For 2 – 5 persons; ca. 55 m²

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Appartement Wiesenklee

Bright, spacious apartment in Landhotel, two bedrooms as well as one living/bed room,
shower and WC separate, hairdryer, cable-TV, telephone, safe, for 2 – 6 persons; ca. 60 m²

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  • Bergfex-weeks

    16.09.2017 - 23.09.2017
    The Lungau is considered one of the most pristine landscapes in Austria. A paradise for those who want to be active on holiday.
    • 490 €
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  • Watergames

    06.08.2017 - 22.08.2017
    Dive to the nature and let the cristal clear mountain water do its refreshing magics on You!
    • 220,00 €
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  • Motorbike

    26.05.2017 - 20.10.2017
    Our house is a central place of departure for lake tours in Carinthia, Nockalmrunde, Sölkpaß-Radstädter Tauerntour, Großglocknertour....
    • 128 €
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  • Bike days

    01.09.2017 - 12.09.2017
    Weather You are a random biker or an active athlete! Lungau has many possibilities to offer on bike: 560 km divides into 15 routes for mountain bikers or random bikers.
    • 265 €
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